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At Net Zero Facades, we are ready – and able – to accommodate radical change. Our team has over 100 years collective experience creating, making and sustaining complex building envelope solutions for projects at the highest level, right across the UK.  

We have the experience, knowledge and skills to offer the most innovative, lower-carbon solutions available now, while continually looking for ever more efficient and effective ways to design, manufacture and build – all without compromise to quality, look or finish.

We understand the practical implications of achieving our goal of net zero carbon – not only in terms of what can be done now, but also what needs to be done. Innovation underpins everything we do. It is the key to creating next-generation facades with a climate-first focus that will help carry our industry – and our planet – into the future.

  • Using locally sourced raw materials wherever possible, to manufacture and construct.
  • Employing energy-efficient, low-emission processes during both manufacture and at site.
  • Transporting materials using no- or low-carbon vehicles.
  • Minimising waste and reusing or recycling products where possible, at every stage of the process.
  • Researching, developing, and using systems and products with long life spans.
  • Offering lifetime maintenance to the build with ongoing digital monitoring, ensuring best practice from the outset across design, process and construction.
  • Minimising future refurbishments and accommodating future change of use by designing with adaptability in mind from the outset.


Value is about more than how much a project costs. It is about ensuring every resource, product and practice is maximised over a building’s design, manufacture and lifetime. It is about ensuring better quality design, fitting and process. Creating – and maintaining – exceptionally engineered, quality facades that are built, in every sense of the word, to last. It is about creating and maintaining more sustainable building practices that are better for our industry – and for our planet.


We are committed to reducing the amount of carbon our designs and projects produce builds across every aspect of the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of our façade solutions. To achieve our 2050 goal of net zero carbon, façade strategies have to tackle both embodied and operational carbon. We estimate the embodied carbon at the design stage of a construction and work to ensure the most effective process to the lowest possible operational carbon emissions by:

  • Calculating value of refit versus retrofit of each project.
  • Evaluating both operational carbon and embodied carbon.
  • Comparing and presenting options for reusing, reprocessing and recycling waste materials.
  • Researching lower carbon, more sustainably sources and supply chains for materials.



Facades can be responsible for up to 21% of embodied carbon on a new build.

We are leading the charge to do better – for our industry and the planet. We do that by delivering viable, alternative, more planet-friendly solutions to our builds.
We have the skills, experience and capability to offer a full, 360 retrofit on existing designs, saving around a third of the embodied carbon on the current build – equating to an estimated carbon payback in just five years.


Current UK laws offer new builds tax relief on VAT (20%), which can make them seem like an attractive proposition, both to constructors and their clients.
However, refits and retrofits offer long-term value beyond the cost of the build itself in everything from lower manufacturing costs and use of new resources to waste disposal, all of which can help deliver a net zero future.
We want to design and create the solution that works best for you and your project – across every level. Talk to us and we can build that together.

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