NetZero Facades pioneering team is behind many of the most complex and architecturally challenging new-build and retrofit projects across multiple sectors. At the heart of all of it is innovation. The Net Zero Facades team is sustainably, future-focused. Firm believers that the innovation that’s shaping the future of construction is a breakthrough in mindset as well as technology.

NetZero Façades is one of the first in the sector to adopt and make regular practice of some of the key developments in rapidly emerging technology, such as autonomous equipment, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and advanced building materials.

Together with other recent breakthroughs – including drones, augmented reality and 3D scanning and printing – they’ve helped boost productivity, streamline our project management and procedures, and enhance quality and safety across the four key project delivery stages:

  • Design using BIM, Revit technology and an expert team of façade modellers
  • Manufacture with 5S methodology
  • Delivery offering standard, semi-unitised or unitised systems
  • Installation using 4D modelling and BIM 360


And we won’t stop there. We continue to work collaboratively with the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, Innovate UK and Scottish Universities to ensure our facilities and our team remain at the forefront of Industry 4.0 developments, including robotics in manufacturing. Just think what the future might bring.

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