NetZero Facades all-new fully electric logistic fleet saves on scope 1 emissions over 12 months 📣

MARCH 2024

When we set up NetZero Facades Ltd, it was important for us to put our mission – to help create a sustainable future for the construction industry and for the planet – front and centre. And, because we believe leading by example helps encourage others, we think it’s important to shout about the ‘wins’, big and small.

In that spirit, we’re happy to announce that, in February 2024, our entire logistic fleet – a combination of small lightweight vans and medium specialist customised flat-bed trucks – has been 100% electric for 12 months.

The benefits are obvious: the use of just one of our vans and one of our trucks brings an estimated combined saving of scope 1 (i.e. greenhouse gas) emissions of 8.5 tonnes CO2e every year. The switch from diesel to electric itself, meanwhile, brings an estimated annual saving of £2,100 per annum (per van-truck combo).


It’s not just about ‘going electric’, however – how you go electric and how you utilise it when you do play a big part too. With one of our trucks averaging 15,000 miles per year (11,000 miles for our vans), for us that includes:

·     Careful planning around weights and distance per journey
·     Detailed understanding of distance to charge from base or charging station
·     A daily climate review to assist planning
·     Meticulously planned schedules

As those stats show, the benefits are already clear – and we’re not stopping there. From February 2024, to further reduce the carbon emissions associated with delivery of our finished goods, all charging of NetZero Facades Ltd delivery vehicles at base will be done using 100% renewable electricity.

Stay tuned for more updates on scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions savings.
Individually we make a difference – but together we create real change.

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