NetZero Facades incentivise the company team to choose electric 🌱


Rewarding our team is central to our company core at NZF, from ‘necessary’ to ‘nice-to-haves’ we have curated our company benefits scheme to maximise carbon zero with employee needs in mind.

We encourage all employees to embody the company carbon zero brand values, but to live in a ‘greener’ way and reduce carbon output. We also understand we need to assist and incentivise employees in every way possible and if that means everyone can benefit, then even better.

One key offering is our electric car Salary Sacrifice scheme, which offers;

· Free car charging at company charge points onsite while working!

· Ability to upgrade your current vehicle spec – acquiring a new vehicle with tax savings, which allows employees to drive new EV’s which in other circumstances may not have been financially viable

“Access to the salary sacrifice scheme along with free workplace charging has allowed me to drive a brand new electric vehicle whilst saving money. Additionally, joining the scheme allows me to support the business’ carbon reduction focus.” Patrick McEvoy, Facade Designer

Rolling out the salary sacrifice scheme to staff is an important step in reducing our overall emissions and promoting the core brand values NZF strives to cultivate and embody leading the way with action for change.

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