PROJECT UPDATE ūüď£ Dunfermline Learning Campus (DLC)


We are nearing completion at the £100M+ Dunfermline Learning Campus in partnership with Bam Construct UK.

DLC is one of the largest construction projects currently being delivered in Scotland and is also the largest Passivhaus project in the UK to date, with over 400 window screens and 3500m2 of curtain walling, that has been designed, supplied and installed by NetZero Facades Ltd.

Meeting the stringent Passivhaus standards, requires every aspect of the project to be built to the very highest quality. We surpassed expectations with initial air-test results and despite the challenges of such intricate detailing of interfaces and membranes, our onsite QA team guaranteed high performance ensuring the strict Passivhaus standards were met, at every level.

Specialised carbon-focused zero emission delivery and manufacturing processes have been key to success, with full offsite production of all window screens bringing extra value, by allowing them to be installed as complete elements, shortly after arriving on site.

Attila Kovacs, Contracts Manager for NZF commented on the challenges the site team faced during the construction period “Our commitment to only use zero emissions vehicles for delivery, of our 3mx2m offsite manufactured window, meant more deliveries with less volume of product than we would normally schedule meaning just in time (JIT) delivery and careful sequence planning was essential. Delivery of fully complete frames, meant we had great success during the install phase bettering our planned time frame for installation of these elements.

In addition, the solid organisation and programming commitment from the client ensured we had areas ready for work on time or earlier than scheduled.

We look forward to working with our client to complete and hand over this fantastic project on time and within budget in the coming months.‚ÄĚ

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