NetZero Facades, acquires new energy efficient HQ in line with core company values


We are now boasting an A rated HQ premises after the recent refurbishment and improvements – in particular the installation of Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 110. Burning organic materials to create heat, they are a carbon neutral way to generate energy and an eco-friendly and efficient way to heat the business.

Each year, approximately 8.5 million tonnes of wood goes into landfill in the UK; this waste wood could be used in either biomass boilers (if converted into the pellets) or burned in wood burning stoves. This would not only provide heat and hot water, but in doing so, it would also ease the pressure on landfill capacity.

If you are considering the switch, and we would encourage you to join us, here are the key facts you need to know:

  • Biomass fuels produce heat with lower costs in relation to fuels such as oil, LPG, electricity.
  • Microprocessor unit, which controls the boiler with an interface screen for easy setup and use.
  • Automatic ash cleaning system which removes the ash residues from the burner grate.
  • Automatic operation of the generator – setting by room thermostat allowing maximum economy in fuel consumption.
  • Automatic fuel supply system. With the possibility of daily fuel supply, with external transport feeder.
  • Ecological operation – emissions comply with the strictest European standards.
  • Automatic start.
  • System trolley system for easy movement.
  • Connectivity with smartphone for remote control.

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59 Napier Rd
Wardpark North
Glasgow G68 0EF